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Aug 31, 2023 - Nov 2, 2023

Behavior Support Course- September

  • 64Days
  • 10Steps
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The Behavior Support Course provides families the knowledge and tools they need to help their child replace distressed, challenging behavior with healthier, adaptive skills. Oftentimes, when children lack the skills to clearly communicate their wants and needs, they engage in challenging behavior as a way to communicate. Our Behavior Support Course teaches families how to identify the reason behind their children's behavior as well as the skills missing that are needed for them to communicate in a more constructive way. During this multi-week course, instructors will lead families through content, group discussions, and interactive activities that build upon each lesson to develop a comprehensive plan in which families can better understand their child's behavior, identify skill deficits, and confidently and effectively teach their child new skills using compassionate, research-based strategies. The goal of this course is to give families the knowledge and tools they need to help their child grow while improving quality of life and family relationships. ​

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