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Workshops &
Community Events

Thrive Family Support can come to you!

We partner with local organizations to offer in-person workshops in Florida throughout the Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida regions.

We also engage in a variety of community events.

See what we have coming up!

Upcoming Community Events


Location: We Rock The Spectrum
Kids Gym
17640 S Tamiami Trail Unit 309
Fort Myers, FL 33908

Date: July 

Learn how to be an effective advocate for your child's education during this 4-week course that reviews the special education system. Learn what goes into a successful IEP (individualized education plan) and become empowered to confidently collaborate with your child's school team.

Starts July 13th 5:30pm ET

Behavior Support Course

Thursday's 5:30-7:00 pm

During this 8-week interactive course, gain the knowledge and skills to better understand your child's behavior, design supports to be successful during difficult tasks or routines, and teach your child healthier skills to communicate their needs and navigate their day.

July 22nd 9:00am ET


Intro to Special Education & Advocacy

Learn the fundamentals of special education system and the supports available in schools. Discover how our Navigating Schools course prepares you to be an informed, confident and involved member of your child's special education team. 

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