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Happy Children

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Make a Donation to Support the Families in our Programs

We rely on donations from the community in order to keep our courses free to all families.


There is a large gap in equitable access to high quality support and services for neurodivergent individuals, leaving families from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds unable to obtain insurance coverage or afford co-pays required for their child to receive necessary therapy.


Donations allow us to ensure these families are empowered with knowledge and tools from experts to help their child THRIVE!

Make a One-Time Donation:


Thank you for pledging a donation to support families!

Help Families Thrive.

$10 = Sponsor a webinar for one family

$30 = Sponsor a course for one family

$60 = Sponsor both courses for one family

$100 = Sponsor an entire webinar

$300 = Sponsor an entire multi-week course

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