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On a Video Call

Family Meet-Ups

Become a part of our supportive, inclusive community! For many, having a neurodivergent child or a child with behavior challenges can be an isolating experience due to lack of awareness and acceptance in society. Thrive Family Support has an active community of families who understand the joys and challenges of raising a neurodivergent child and connect one another to build relationships, share their personal experiences, and support one another.  Join us for our next virtual family meet-up!

About Our Family Meet-Ups

Our family meet-ups are live, online group video calls that are open to anyone who is part of the Thrive Family Support community. Each month, we provide a broad topic for the meet-up to guide families to actively engage with one another while sharing experiences, ideas, successes, and challenges.

Frequency: Once per month

Length: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Cost: Free to Attend

Example Topics:

  • Special Interests 

  • Friendships & Relationships

  • Going out in the community

  • Advocating for your child

  • Routines & Schedules

  • Doctor Visits

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